accesing to localhost from the emulator??

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accesing to localhost from the emulator??

Postby xayide » Sat Mar 29, 2008 12:57 pm


I have a php page running on apache server in my computer. To acces from the emulator to my computer you cannot put http://localhost, as localhost is from the emulator itself, that´s why i´m using . I´m trying to send data from the emulator to the php page to do some work. The problem is that it doesn´t do any work! I don´t know if the problem is from the emulator or from my page... the
code in the emulator is this:

String get="?name=myname&surname=mysurname&address=myaddress";
URL url = new URL(""+get);
URLConnection urlconn = url.openConnection();

In the php page i read the data send by get and do some work. But it doesn´t do anything... i don´t know if the connection is well made or the problem is from the server...

any ideas??

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