A question about RILD daemon

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A question about RILD daemon

Postby jianweiw1022 » Sun Apr 19, 2009 12:00 pm

Hello ,i have a question about rild daemon

As a know ,RILD daemon is a c service which is started by kernel(init) when starting up system,it can be restarted automatically if it is shutdown abnormally. RIL is service which can communicate using localsocket. I think RIL is a service which is run in dalvik vm ,it is other process.

I think service and activity of android have its lifecycle ,and it will be shutdown in some special situation. So ,if RIL is shutdown by android system ,and after its shutdown ,A call/sms from outside is received by RILD, how RILD start RIL? I think it can not start RIL just by send data to localsocket

Thanks a lot!
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