2d Array Adapter?

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2d Array Adapter?

Postby marka » Fri Mar 25, 2011 7:29 pm


New to Android development, sorry if this is a frequent question. I've not been able to find anything searching... Also new to the forum here.

I have a list view where I want to show multiple items per row. I've seen lots of examples of how to do this using a SimpleCursorAdapter with a database behind it, mapping individual columns to each item. However I've not seen anything that lets you put a basic 2d array behind it. That seems like a fairly obvious thing to want to do, so the fact that it doesn't seem to exist makes me wonder what I'm missing?

Failing a 2d array adapter, is my best bet to write a subclass of ArrayAdapter that's specific for a class that wraps the data for each item in the row?

Separately, is there a reason that a 2d array adapter class would be difficult to write? I've not looked at the source for any of the adapter classes yet. As above, this seems like something I'd find useful, vs. needing to subclass ArrayAdapter any time I had more than one item per row to display...

Thanks for any help / advice!

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