Sly trick: Boredom expelled! (Kids Educational app)

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Sly trick: Boredom expelled! (Kids Educational app)

Postby nadezhda » Tue May 14, 2013 3:18 pm

Do you have kids? Do they get naughty when you make them study? Guess why.

What's the most disgusting thing about learning? Well, it's boring and tiresome. Then, it thieves time from games. Next, nobody likes making mistakes. But when learning, they're inevitable. So, a remedy is required.

Let's make it sweet and delightful! “Rabbit at Home” may help a lot.

Here's where you can get it.
GooglePlay ... s2dx.rhome

Cute graphics, nice sounds and a set of delicious mini-games — this is where it all starts. With a blue bunny, whose cosy house is full of niceties, learning is a pleasure!

Let your kid enjoy it, watch the progress and control the process: there's a settings page where you can switch the mini-games on and off.

Flow from game to game — count objects, put the puzzles together, match object name and image, learn shapes and colors, compare sizes and quantity, match flip cards — and get funny rewards when each five games are completed.

What else do kids need? Encouragement and support. "Rabbit at Home" is professionally and gently voiceovered, so that your little one won't get frustrated and bored.

By the way, apart from English, it's localized in Russian, Spanish and French. Just exit the app, change your device language settings and run the app again. Voilà, the app has changed the language, too!

Have we forgotten anything? You think the game could be better in some way? Drop us a line, we always appreciate feedback.
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