Six rainbow first A31 four nuclear plate run points exposure

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Six rainbow first A31 four nuclear plate run points exposure

Postby Hotcandy » Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:16 am

With all the volunteers A31 four nuclear chip listed, many domestic brands are exposure are going to introduce A31 four nuclear plate. Before six rainbow technology also said will all the volunteer A31 product line, last week also exposure the first four nuclear plate of G90 DieZhao, but what time officially launched and did not say. Yesterday six rainbow technology official micro bo finally exposure G90, the rabbit ran points, we can see from the picture total reached 13881, believes the official to Rom optimization ran points and can achieve higher, we can still find G90 do use 2048 x 1536 resolution retina screen, in iPad4 as clear, and GPU 2 d and 3 d drawing performance this reached more than 1200 and more than 5800, performance is quite good, far more than the iPad2.
Why six rainbow G90 have so powerful graphics processing performance? It mainly lies in a SGX544 MP2 eight core graphics processor. SGX544 MP2 graphics processor how tough, we here don't do detailed introduction, everyone interested can access this site another article , there are detailed introduction. In addition to tough graphics capability beyond, which all G90 carrying volunteer A31 CortexTMA7 architecture four processors also can not be ignored, CortexTMA7 four nuclear processor architecture not only has powerful data processing ability, also has virtualization, big physical address extension, etc, also has the highest efficiency ratio, so the endurance ability should also be more satisfied.
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