Seeking mobile developers for paid research study ($100)

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Seeking mobile developers for paid research study ($100)

Postby ConorF » Mon Feb 08, 2010 7:25 pm

Wipro Consulting Services is conducting a market research study on mobile developer communities. We are looking for a broad range of mobile developers participate in a 1-hour paid interview session via phone that will focus on the following areas:

1. Experience with developing mobile applications using multiple platform technologies such as Java, Plusmo, Brew Mobile Platform, Apple iPhone, etc.

2. Best practices for community and vendor interaction (forums, technical support, application development, Go-To-Market).

3. Challenges unique to small and medium-sized developer companies (handling multiple devices, screen sizes, platforms, etc.).

4. Interacting with carrier networks through API’s such as SMS Send, Location Based Services, etc.

The ideal interview candidate will have:

1. 2+ years experience in mobile application development
2. Experience working across multiple developer communities, devices, and platforms
3. Must be U.S. based

We are interested in hearing from organizations of all sizes and with a broad set of application experience (from business productivity apps for enterprise customers to games and widgets for individual consumers).

All interviewee identity information will remain confidential (name, company, contact, etc.).

For more information please contact

Thank you,

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