Parallel Kingdom launching global contest on Oct 31st

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Parallel Kingdom launching global contest on Oct 31st

Postby Gilby3000 » Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:06 pm

Beginning Halloween, Parallel Kingdom will be having a huge in-game contest called the Great Scroll Hunt. Here's the details:

On October 31st, rare scrolls will begin appearing randomly as rewards for killing monsters. The higher the level monster vanquished, the higher the chance of receiving a scroll. When a player finds a scroll, their character will begin glowing and other players will be able to see that they are one of the lucky few.

So what do they do with the scroll?

When four players each find their own scroll, they need to find each other and meet up in the game. Once they decide on a location, and they all get together, they will be able to build a one-of-a-kind building called the Great Library.

A few days after the Great Library begins construction, the game servers will go down and when they come back up, the new Age of Parallel Kingdom will be available in the App Store.

In the new version, Parallel Kingdom - Age of Emergence, the Great Library will be permanently located wherever the four founders built it and it will exist there forever. Also, all players will be able to go inside the Great Library and see the names of the four founders.

Here's the trailer for the Great Scroll Hunt:

Here's the official announcement on the Parallel Kingdom website:

New players can start preparing now by downloading the app (it's free) and leveling up your weapons, armor, and skills.

What do you guys think about this contest? Does it sound exciting?
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