Novo9 four nuclear tablet PC

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Novo9 four nuclear tablet PC

Postby Hotcandy » Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:56 am

On December 14, four nuclear peremptory has become "the end of the world" comments focus, it is reported as two flat pioneer brand YiNuo (ainol), in the near future also will be releasing NOVO series four new nuclear best 10 inch android tablet high clear plate. YiNuo four nuclear hd will have a stronger performance, more rapid speed, as YiNuo speed evolution. Take the lead in exposure in a YiNuo four nuclear high clear plate is NOVO9 firewire, follow the footsteps of YiNuo, into four nuclear country!
NOVO9 burn launch new four new nuclear CPU, high-performance leading GPU, 2 g super DDR3 cache, support 4 k ultra clear video output, and at the same time also possess a perfect power consumption management system. Have a strong performance in the same time, power and heating power is reduced. And NOVO9 burn also has a 10000 mah large capacity battery, this also for equipment long endurance to force to provide more support and protection.
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