Mysterious about Tablet PC

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Mysterious about Tablet PC

Postby Hotcandy » Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:45 am

In October 2012, Microsoft Global issued its Tablet PC Surface Then Apple launched a small-size touch screen tablet computer iPadmini Andrews camp together with Samsung, Lenovo, Sony, Asus, many IT giants in the tablet market, launched a fierce battle.

Inadvertently, a temporary name of the country will not appear on the new product launch in Apple, but also high-profile launch of the Tablet PC. Korean Central Television reported on October 23 that Pyongyang intelligence technology has successfully developed a product called "Arirang" quality Tablet PC. Reported that the Tablet PC is not only fully reflects the characteristics of the Korean and simple operation, the men, women and children can easily use.
On October 23, the Korean Central Television news broadcast such a message. Excited expressions of male news anchor to remain serious, with the usual high-pitched loud voice declared, To popularize science and technology, Pyongyang intelligence technology has been committed to the development of the Tablet PC has achieved certain results. News also said, "Arirang" Tablet PC with easy to carry, easy to operate the two main characteristics, suitable for viewing data and electronic books.
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