Merge, Delete Duplicate Contacts on Samsung GALAXY S4 Easily

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Merge, Delete Duplicate Contacts on Samsung GALAXY S4 Easily

Postby lamar25 » Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:46 am

Be excited to get the new Samsung GALAXY S4. But when you import contacts from Gmail, Email, Address Book, Outlook and more to your Samsung GALAXY S4, you find there are many duplicate contacts after syncing. It is hard to avoid duplication of contacts. How do you delete duplicate contacts on Samsung? Deleting the same contacts one by one? What if there are a lot of contacts?


Here I’d like to recommend MobileGo for Android to you. Simply connect your Samsung GALAXY to it, the program can find the duplicate contacts matched by name, phone number, email, etc. automatically. Just a single click, all the duplicate contacts will be merged.

Watch Video:

Available for hot Android Phones from Samsung:
GALAXY S3 (GT-I9300)
GALAXY S2 (GT-I9100)
GALAXY Plus (GT-I9001)
GALAXY Note 2 (GT-N7100)
GALAXY Note I (GT-I9220/N7000)
GALAXY Nexus (GT-I9250)
GALAXY Exhibit (SGH-T759)
GALAXY Mini (GT-S5570)
GALAXY Fit (GT-S5670)
GALAXY Ace (GT-S5830)
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