Learn to Fix Your Poor Golf Swing

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Learn to Fix Your Poor Golf Swing

Postby estelle » Tue Aug 20, 2013 3:39 am

Everybody that plays golf will, at some time, have experienced the thought on needing to improve their golf swing to play a better game. I am sure that many golfers have looked online for some help with how to "fix" a bad golf swing. There is certainly plenty of information out there online, some of it is great.

It is impossible to fix something that is broken if you do not know what is wrong in the first place. In the case of a poor golf swing with best golf clubs, it would be a wise decision to videotape yourself while you are practicing. Later on, you can observe your entire swing at home. By looking closely and reducing the playing speed, you might be able to identify all the elements of the golf swing that are interfering with your game.

Make sure when you are teeing up that you aim away from potential hazards and issues out on the course, if you tee the ball up on the same side that the problem is you are more inclined to aim away from it as you hit your shot.

Employing the proper stance for the discount mizuno golf clubs you are using will help hit the ball straighter and have it land closer to the intended target. Often using the incorrect stance is the reason that you slice or hook your shot. Using the incorrect stance can cause you to hit the ball thin or fat. These are very frustrating golf shots which can be reduced by using the correct stance.

Understanding how to read the grain of the green is a vital skill as it will allow you to understand the effect it will have on the roll of the ball. If the grass looks shiny when you are looking from your ball to the hole then the grain is running away from you, if it looks dull then the grain is running towards you. If you are putting with callaway diablo edge irons with the grain then the ball will roll faster and vice versa.

An effective tip for swinging through the ball to the finish is to pick up 2 clubs at a time. Rather than swing them in a normal golf swing, swing the clubs back and through closer to waist high. Similar to a baseball swing. The additional weight of the 2 clubs will cause the momentum of the swing to continue around to a finish. This is what you want to emulate in your golf swing.
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