LeadBolt sdk 6.0 Released

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LeadBolt sdk 6.0 Released

Postby gamernayan » Wed Sep 18, 2013 4:10 pm

A great news for all is that leadbolt sdk 6.0 has been released and it is also Google Play Complaint.

The SDK has introduced alot of new features:

1.Floating Ads
Floating Ads create a seamless and immersive ad experience by overlaying an app with floating themed elements for the user to engage with.

2.Audio Ads
Audio Ads are our latest break-through in innovative ad technology. Audio ads capture user attention with voice and audio, engaging the user and delivering increased ad interaction.

Also it has banner,Interstitials,Advanced Overlay,Video Ad.

So sign up using this link and also you would get 30$ sign up bonus.
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