JIAYU G2 G Black see his true face

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JIAYU G2 G Black see his true face

Postby pinkbaby » Tue Feb 19, 2013 5:04 am

This G Black, basically distorted the facts in each post in the G2 Forum, publication of false statements! Please see his true colors, do not be fooled!

Concern are aware of the good domain G2: the the good domain Yutong those few days in May 3 through the official store price of 739 yuan, the network sold commemorative edition of 2,000 units, for sale to the UID number 2000 2000 someone did not buy, will postpone the UID number 2001-3000. The official version of 799 yuan / Taiwan, May 20 to 25 will be open to sell. See http://www.ejiayu.com/News2-168.html [Announcement: the good domain G2 Offering time, buying patterns, incentives, Order Conditions] (have any questions you can take a look)

He in each G2 postings slander the good domain G2 will be a really cared about the people to build the phone discredit. Dog in which one said: "My friend in their local language more than fourteen hundred buy? Mobile phone absolutely cottage workmanship rotten death, the phone also heat hot, call for a long time also dizzy!" enough exaggeration it! ! We look at the flaws:

A commemorative edition of the official website limited direct sales of 2,000 units, the official version has not started selling ------------- his friend in their local ", then" over fourteen hundred to buy? ? ? ?

2 the official website of the official version pricing 799 yuan ------------ his friends ", then more than fourteen hundred? ?

Phone absolutely cottage workmanship rotten death ------- But JIAYU G4 also has been reported in Tencent and other large sites, and to apply the relevant state departments to examine the application and issue the network card! !

The phone also heat hot, also called long dizziness? ? ---- I am afraid to let the people of the world was shocked!
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