iPlayTonesApps.com Launches for Android Developers & Users!

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iPlayTonesApps.com Launches for Android Developers & Users!

Postby iPlayTonesApps » Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:00 am

www.iplaytonesapps.com has just launched for all Android App Developers and Android Users.
We are offering Featured placement on the home page for the next 3 months (first 250 apps uploaded) by Android Developers on iPlayTonesApps.com. The first 1,000 apps uploaded will also get FREE advertisement banners for the next 4 months on iPlayTonesApps.com.

It's FREE to create a user account and very simple to upload. There is no approval process! No subscription or hidden fees! High payouts for every app sale you make.
iPlayTonesApps.com is one of the six other major Android App websites out there and is expected to quickly surpass most of those website within the next 10 months, due to four simple reasons.
First and foremost, it's entirely FREE to create a user account, upload paid or free Android Apps, sell and monitor your sales reports on our website. Second, we are the first mobile website to offer Credits with great discounts on all app purchases for our customers (ensuring a higher sales number for our developers) and no other Android App website offers such flexibility as we do. When a user makes a purchase with our Credits, the Developer doesn't loose any money for the sale, as iPlayTones, LLC will be taking the loss. The third and probably most important reason to use iPlayTonesApps.com, is that we do not have any monthly or yearly subscription fees like most of the other Android App websites. Last, but not least, you will make high payouts for all your paid apps. Each user account has an up-to-the-minute sales monitoring system that is easy to view and make a payout request.
With our easy to use-interface and our sales monitoring system, there is no need to wait until the next day to see your sales revenue. You are sure to enjoy the iPlayTonesApps.com website!

Visit us today: www.iplaytonesapps.com
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