Introducing the PWNAGE Li Game System

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Introducing the PWNAGE Li Game System

Postby The_PWNAGE_Project » Mon Sep 02, 2013 11:54 pm

The PWNAGE Project is pleased to announce, unveil, and even show off the PWNAGE Li Game System.

The PWNAGE Li is the first of its kind…

Never before have consumers had complete control over their device. Each and every system comes rooted, and we give you complete unrestricted access to use it how you wish. Want to remove programs or apps you don’t use? Ok. Modify or even change the ROM? That’s fine too. And doesn’t void your warranty! We even have a free system restore tool, just in case… wink wink


A game system like no other

For the first time consumers have a device made with the newest technology, showcasing all that Free and Open Source Software has to offer. And it is quite a list! Don’t worry, like we stated before we don’t limit what you can use on the PWNAGE Li and everyone will have access to Google Play if they want.

A Gaming Tablet PC

With a 1.9 GHz quad-core RockChip RC3188 Processor, a full 2 Gigs of RAM and a ton of other hardware and software updates, the PWNAGE Li is more than a match for any other hand held on the market. Then add in that we have TRUE 1080p HDMI & Wireless HDMI support, and fully support 3g wireless and now we’re competing with the big dogs…

Display Screen 7.0 inch 16:9 HD 5point capacitive TN touch screen; G+P touch panel | 1600W colors
Touch Screen 7 inch Capacitive Display( 5 points,P+G)
Resolution 1024 x 600 pixels
CPU RockChip RK3188 Quad Core Cortex A9@1.9GHZ
GPU Mali400 MP4 GPU, surpporting OpenGL ES1.1/ 2.0 and OpenVG1.1 up to 600MHZ
Storage 8GB Internal Storage | Mini-SD Up to 32GB
Operating System Android 4.2.2 PWNAGE Li Edition - Made By
Network WI-FI | 3G | Bluetooth
Ports 1080P HDMI Output w/ Wireless HDMI Support | Mini USB | USB |3.5 MM Headphone jack
Other Functions G-Sensor- Three axis Gravity Acceleration Sensor | Web / Camera HD Front & Back
-This is not the complete list of features…

Awesome new Features for the Community

The PWNAGE Li features The PWNAGE MarketPlace Community, a Market Place to download free and pay games, apps, mods, etc. But is more than just a simple Market, its also a Community site as well. Here are some of the great features you’ll see!

-We’ve built a true community and have seperate profiles, mini-sites, and mini-site stores, for members, groups (Clans, clubs, guilds for gamers, etc.), and Developers.
-Members have their own profiles, wall, cloud storage, friends, internal email and can join groups, etc.
-Groups also have their own profile / mini-site, with forums, group chat, group storage, and a lot more.
-Developers have all the same as the members and groups but also has a mini store built into their page that is hooked into the main market.

All members, groups, and developers have the following features too.

-Built in petition and voting systems. These can be put on groups, developer pages, or the main site or a combination of those.
-Communication system which includes chat, VoIP, and video.

And that’s just what we can tell you so far! Another Update will be coming out in the next couple weeks that will highlight The PWNAGE Plaza MarketPlace Community! So makes sure to join our Newsletter, like our Facebook or Twitter and check our site often to stay up to date!
Pure Unadulterated Android

We hate the thought of having to reinvent the wheel… Its pointless right? Why waste the time effort and money to re-develop something that’s already so great? Well we’re giving the community something that is truly awesome. Android. No weird little interfaces that are going to limit what you can do in your own system. Just a already great system, that’s been leaned down, and that has what you need to get the Full PWNAGE experience. Ohh… and just incase you missed it in our last update, The Official PWNAGE ROM is being made by the masters at

PWNAGE is about so much more than just games

Gaming is in our blood, and is part of the PWNAGE core creedo. But its not the only thing you can do with the PWNAGE Li. Please remember that first and foremost this is a Tablet PC, not just a gaming device. And that the PWNAGE Marketplace Community isn’t just for and about gaming either. ANYTHING that you can run on any other Android device can run on the PWNAGE Li.

For more information please check out our site @ or
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