Interested in Selling your Android App?

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Interested in Selling your Android App?

Postby jk1459 » Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:41 pm

Hey everyone!

My name is Jonathan (@jonathanckay) and i am creating a business called Apptopia. Apptopia is a marketplace to help broker the sale of mobile apps (Android specifically). Think "sale" in terms of ownership, code, users, revenues, etc. We are talking about a micro business acquisition.

I have had an unusual influx of buyers reach out to me in the last week or two looking to buy Android apps. While we have completed 2 sales already, we still have a lot of buyers ready to pull the trigger!

Thought it might be valuable to throw it out there to you all and see if anyone had an app they were interested in getting come money for? Happy to help however i can, i really love what i do.

You can email me directly at or fill out the Seller Submission Form on the home page (which goes to that same address). Really appreciate you taking the time to listen, and i hope i can help a few of you out!

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