Great surprise, iPad4 released

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Great surprise, iPad4 released

Postby Hotcandy » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:55 am

Apple unexpected upgrade in the Tablet PC 9.7 inch iPad products, and high-profile called the iPad 4th, which is the fourth-generation iPad. The strong determination of the appearance of the product remains the same, the details have changed interface, the the Lightning interface to replace new 30pin interface seems that Apple's implementation of the new interface, breaking the upgrade once a year the practice of the past three generations of products.
    Addition to the interface changes, the iPad4 processor upgrade for A6X, Apple said it speed up iPad3 twice, while life remains unchanged. Basically upgrade the magnitude is very small, if you have the iPad 3, that do not recommend upgrades, and other next-generation products, should be thinner and lighter, perhaps not, there should be a new look.
    iPad price and the previous generation of products consistent, this is actually rather kind, but the time interval of six months, the cost is certainly also many. Now you want to buy the iPad 3 will happen to hold back, Wujin wallet, iPad 4 should be soon to China.
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