Great Mizuno Mp64 irons

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Great Mizuno Mp64 irons

Postby estelle » Thu Sep 05, 2013 4:57 am

Let me start off by saying, I have been a natural athlete my entire life. I usually pick up new things very quickly and progress faster than others because of my addictive personality (not arrogant but feel the statement is relevant to provide context). I picked up golf last season and started with the usual max game improvement set, TaylorMade Burner 2.0 irons. As I kept reading about swing mechanics and watching every youtube I could from a PGA instructor, my swing improved and I lowered my score from the 100's to the mid 80's range.
As I have started to grasp the concept of how to swing a club properly, my ball striking has improved immensely. With that, I began to look for a bigger challenge and headed to GS in search of less forgiving Mizuno mp-64 irons. Based on my research, I wanted to demo sets from Titleist and Mizuno. The sets i hit with were the JPX 825 Pro, MP-H4, MP-59, MP-64 and the Titelist AP2's. After hitting some balls, i narrowed it down to three sets - the pro's, mp-59's and mp64's. When i told the GS fitter that I was a 15 handicap or so, he immediately told me to put away the 64's and eventually persuaded me to go with the slightly more forgiving mp-59's. I was angry that I let him influence me and returned them the next day for the 64's.
I have been to the range a few times since i bought them and words cannot describe how awesome it feels to hit these babies flush. The point of the story is that I personally think HC's are just a number and not necessarily a determinant of what clubs to buy (more of a guide). If you hit a discount golf clubs and are satisfied with the results/feel then I say go for it. Swings and feel are also very subjective things so only you will know what clubs are right for you and if you are capable of hitting them properly.
When it comes to feel, these discount golf clubs were hands down the best ones i demo'ed. The pro's were nice but too forgiving for what i wanted and the MP-59's felt too clicky. IMO, if you know how to swing a discount golf clubs, these are the best irons money can buy.
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