Cure a Slice for Your Golfing

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Cure a Slice for Your Golfing

Postby breenda » Fri Aug 23, 2013 3:00 am

One of the most frustrating things that happen to a golfer during a good game is when the ball starts to slice. This sort of breaks your momentum as a golfer because this injects frustration instead of determination, and when frustration kicks in, motivation is lost, luckily, it is never too late to cure a slice. Yes, experts came up with ways to start curing the slice.

Golf is really tricky; the main causes of a slice maybe any of the following, your grip, improper hand position, and too much impact on the ball. It is because you were trying to hit it too hard. Golf is a relaxing sport; it is not tennis or basketball wherein strength and stamina is fully required. The first thing you need to know when to cure the slice with rbz fairway wood, do not put too much pressure to the ball. The next one is to feel your swing, again in order to start curing the slice is to relax and feel your game. The more you feel your game and your swing, the better the shot will be. You would not need to put any pressure or stress to yourself or to your ball. The third tip in order to fully get ahead on the game is to keep your hands relaxed. You would never get a relaxed and flawless swing if your hands and grip is too intense.

There are two basic types of slice. First, we must define a sliced golf shot with r11 taylormade driver. A sliced shot is essentially one that, for the right handed player, curves to the right. For the left handed player, it curves to the left. A shot that only curves a little bit to the right for the right hander is called a fade, as is the case for the ball that curves just a little bit to the left for a left hander. For the rest of this article, I will only refer to right handed players.

Curing the golf slice could start before the backswing even start. Think shoulders and feet. Are they in line with a shot down the fairway? The left foot needs to be in a straight line up through your left shoulder. When you’re set up includes a shoulder that is "open" or "closed", the ball will not fly on a straight track.

When it comes to your swing, control is vital. Being too excited can result in a poor swing which will then lead to a bad shot with callaway x-24 hot irons. In this case, you should slow down. In slowing down, you have more control of your swing and this will result in more accuracy as well as more distance gained when you hit the ball.

If your shots often end up curving right, you may also have an issue with your hip turn. The hips must turn completely and move smoothly around the entire swing. That is, the backswing, on contact, and into your follow through. Again, the main purpose is to have a square club face at the critical impact point. If your hips aren't in tune with the rest of your swing, this will seldom happen.
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