Correct Golf Hook with These Skills

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Correct Golf Hook with These Skills

Postby estelle » Thu Aug 22, 2013 4:25 am

Believe it or not but a lot of golfers are just as desperate to know how to cure their golf hook as they are their slice. Both problems are frustrating and cause an equal amount of stress. So, how can you start hitting more fairways and cure your golf hook? It's not as difficult as many you might think and I'm going to give you some great tips that deliver instant results.

In order to master the three elements and ensuring you are practicing the correct technique you can hire a pro golf instructor or you can practice with a golf swing trainer. Golf swing trainers come in two forms: dual hinged and weighted. Both weighted and dual hinge golf trainers are available as drivers, irons and wedges so you can master the three elements for your drives as well as for your approach shots and short game.

A golf hook is caused by the ball spinning in a counter-clockwise fashion. The more force that is behind the ball when you hit it will cause the ball to have more spin. It is possible that you are not hitting the ball square which is giving it the hook. Another possible reason for your hook is that you are not gripping the best golf clubs correctly. You should be able to see two knuckles of your left hand if you are right handed and the opposite if you are left handed. When you are in position be sure to look at where the club face is located.

Next, you will want to focus your attention to your posture. Hold your club out directly in front of you. If you stand too upright, your swing may tend to be a little too wide and your hands may become a little to active coming over the ball. A good drill to correct your posture is to hold the grip end of your club level with your belt buckle, effectively making a "T" with your body and the discount ping golf clubs. Now hold your arms out and extend away from your belt buckle, then bend over until the club hits the ground. This will give you the proper posture to hit the golf ball.

And if you want to cure your golf hook one of the best ways is to ensure you transfer your weight to your left side once you have completed the backswing. A lot of golfers that hook the ball keep all their weight on their right side. This causes the rbz driver to come around your body with a closed clubface and the results are always a bad hook. Take a few practice swings and work on moving your weight from your right side to your left side during the entire golf swing. This technique can really help you produce some immediate positive results.

It can be helpful to ask for another golfer to watch you go through the motions of your golf swing so that you can figure out how to fix a golf hook. They may notice that your swing is wrong, or your grip is not correct. Also, taking a video may help you learn how to correct your golf hook as well. As frustrating as this can be going through each step of the process can help you fix your issues along with making sure to practice often.
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