Can't buy iPad mini find a substitute is good also, onda V81

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Can't buy iPad mini find a substitute is good also, onda V81

Postby Hotcandy » Sat Jan 05, 2013 9:47 am

Recent domestic iPad mini backordered news constantly, as the market supply situation is not optimistic, apple official online delivery time for two weeks, on the market a lot of agency business is increase sales, in addition, the price more than HangHuo from customs that can reflect the market HangHuo supply is not optimistic, buy also need not worry, perhaps wait in March, iPad mini 2 generation will be released, perhaps return match the Retina ultra clear liquid crystal screen?. In addition, might as well to consider other alternatives, the same, eight inches, 1024 x768 screen resolution, IPS wide Angle camera, before and after, and still four processors, this is when playing V812, the price is only 899 yuan.
Onda V812 in configuration and iPad mini differ not quite, of course, quality and an apple or a larger gap, only one third of the price is also worthy of the experience, onda V812 memory allocation to 2 gb, which is more than iPad configuration, but unfortunately, Android memory management than iOS, more than 1 gb estimation can't to open and iPad mini performance gap. Home plate and the main difference between iPad or in the endurance and fever and stability, this estimate a short time cannot be changed.
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