buying and selling second-hand clothing is very popular

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buying and selling second-hand clothing is very popular

Postby lindasay » Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:37 am

Clothes exchange, buying and selling second-hand clothing is very popular moment. It seems to be once lost kurbash on consumption and social dominate our modern life. But, buy, sell and exchange second-hand clothes is anything new. The best idea, has been lasted for many years, this or that way.

Clothing trade the way back to the history of many other projects, people do not have so much money to do a deal. The dress is traditional finally, during/repair, in order to prolong the life of the maximum. There are many example recycling second-hand clothing history, including cloth and bone collected old clothes (and other projects), and his horse and the car, and in Victorian times, salvation army the second-hand clothes poor people rampant.

In the second world war,karen millen swaps, etc., to help protect valuable, scarce resources. They first start and children's clothes, then expanded to include adult clothing. They became very popular, in Britain, where people can get some new clothes, and at the same time remain anonymous.

In the s, the clothes in the popular short second-hand clothing industry has been growing. Old clothing and second-hand clothing sales growth,karen millen outlet in the past few decades, perhaps because of a more profound understanding and the waste of the impact on the environment and fast fashion or as a consumer more and more keenly looking for individuals and different.

Skirr parties has become very popular in the United States, in the past few years (though they have lasted for a lot of time),karen millen dress at present has also spread to Britain. Futerra organization, created the term "skirr" to describe the exchange of clothes, and is committed to promoting recovery clothes.

The global economic slump is 2008/2009 year, in the growing popularity of clothes exchange, also played a part of it. Along with the disposable income becomes scarce, people have been looking for new ways to look at fashion budget. Lindsey LuoHan and other stars also have reported, as exchange their clothes to clothes in the celebrity status for charity.
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