Baimiao has become the mainstream of hot giant screen smartp

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Baimiao has become the mainstream of hot giant screen smartp

Postby Hotcandy » Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:28 am

How fast the selling mobile phones, also is at present main high ratio of the mobile phone manufacturer. With the chip highly integrated, one-stop chip solutions not only shorten the development cycle, and mobile phone can let terminal manufacturers launch and high-end mobile phone consistent function selling points, with low price from user attention. Believe in 5.7 inches of baimiao mobile phone go is the ideological line.
For thl w7 appearance, it is hard to avoid lets a person familiar with the feeling, but it is also the manufacturer in the homogenization look tend to be conservative compromise it. But the ThL W7 material in appearance to the person have surprise, joined the drawing metal elements, more let mobile phone overall stripping plastic simple sense. This time, ThL W7 divided into dual-core and four nuclear two versions, the dual-core version has been listed, equipped with a 5.7 -inch IPS screen, screen resolution for 1280 x 720, using 1 gb RAM + 4 gb ROM memory combination, support WCDMA/GSM double card double stay, carry Android4.1 operating system, battery capacity is 2300 mah.
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