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Postby euclid » Mon Sep 14, 2009 11:50 am

It seems there have been many applications developed for ADC 2. Its very nice to know about the new applications. Here I share ours. Hope to hear more from you guys.

I along with one friend developed two applications for ADC 2. The first one is named PlayInGo, which is a motion game. In this game you see a virtual room where you can play a squash like game and the bat is nothing but your own android phone :) You look at the ball and find out where the ball is going to and hit the ball just like you do in a real game. We have added some interesting features like a darker room with a spot light effect. For more information just visit

The other one is called GestureCommander which is capable of executing some task just by mobile movement. The thing is you can teach the mobile some pattern and assign a task to it. You an assign various types of tasks for example phone call, sms sending, website opening and some more. When you are done teaching your phone then you have to add our widget to your android desktop. Then just touch the widget and give you movement for which you assigned a task and release your finger from the widget. Your task is most likely to be executed given all your movement patterns are substantially different from each other. For more information
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