Android Security Flaw - Owners Beware

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Android Security Flaw - Owners Beware

Postby dchanson » Sat Feb 13, 2010 6:05 pm

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to give my good friends on a heads up, apparently there's a loophole in the 'dot-pattern' unlock function in which you can bypass it. If you enter the wrong pattern too many times and then select ' forgot pattern?' and enter your e-mail address and 'null' for the password, it will unlock the device. My friend tipped me off to it, he said he confirmed it on a nexus one and a hero. I have a magic (mytouch3g) and it didn't work on mine, but you may want to try it and be aware. I've also attached an article that discusses the fact that the flaw is apprently present on the droids as well. More just for fun than anything but thought you all might like to know. ... urity-bug/

Note: I DID receive an OTA update for my phone about 8 hours before I was told of this loophole, so it could be they're already rolling out the patches.
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