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All Star Tablet Profit

Postby Hotcandy » Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:26 am

Recently, the external medium contrast the present a few star level Tablet PC hardware costs, they include Surface, iPad 3, iPad mini, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD. Cost does not include marketing, sales and operating system fee to disassemble the parts after the price as the main basis for comprehensive.
Microsoft 32 gb Surface RT parts and Labour costs about $267, $499 and profit rate is about 46%.
IPad3 16 gb of the cost of 316 us dollars, priced at $499, profit rate is 37%.
IPad Mini parts and Labour costs about $198, 16 gb bid $329, profit rate is 40%.
Amazon 16 gb 7 inches Kindle Fire HD Android Tablet PC cost $174, $199, only 13% profit margin.
Google Nexus 7 16 gb (original 8 g) the cost of 159 us dollars, priced at $199, profit rate is 20%
Visible, Microsoft product profit rate was the highest, apple, then Google and the amazon. But the author think that the amazon plate is its strong content of a terminal, like the supermarket trolley orientation, is not a hardware to profit, more special. So Google's plate is the most close to people of conscience drop.
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