You should be grateful to watch Sex and the City

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You should be grateful to watch Sex and the City

Postby nicyling » Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:47 am

I love sex and the city and I enjoyed both movies. I read the reviews citing bad acting and plot no. This is not a Merchant Ivory film or a drama of deep introspection ... supposed to be fun, light film girl, lighten the film critic jargon. You should be grateful to all the girls decided to make another movie together instead of complaining about the plot and cabinet decisions. I thought this movie was better than the first because it was more comedy, more colorful and exotic scenes and focus more on fashion. Someone actually complained the film was not based in New York. Can not get enough of New York to watch the show? I love New York, much as the next person, but I liked the change of scenery and some of the images of Abu Dhabi has been impressive. I thought that this movie touched on some topics, most movies try to ignore, like how motherhood tax actually is. I prefer honesty about motherhood rather than films that are still trying to pretend that this is the funniest thing you’ve ever. It seems that most complain want the movie to have more content to compensate for the lack of substance in their own lives.
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