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Watch A Haunted House Movie Online

Postby reynathelma » Wed May 08, 2013 10:41 am

A Haunted House Download : Hannah Richell's debut novel The Secrets of the Tides was one of the big successes of last year in Australian fiction. Booksellers nominated it for several prizes in the industry awards and she secured publishing deals in multiple territories - impressive stuff for a first-time author.The Shadow Year shows her developing the storytelling skills that made her first book stand out in commercial women's fiction.

Download A Haunted House Movie : The year is 1980 and the place is Britain. Five friends greet the arrival of summer with trepidation: they have finished university and are now ''waiting for real life to begin''. When charismatic well-off Simon suggests they drop out for a year and make a self-reliant life in the countryside the rest of them agree. Kat hopelessly in love with Simon would follow him anywhere and the other friends go along for the ride.

Watch A Haunted House Movie : They discover the perfect place for their experiment: an abandoned house in a secluded picturesque setting. The first few months are full of fun and a sense of adventure even as inevitable conflicts brew.The character of Kat is Richell's strongest creation - a vulnerable lost young woman who presents a tough pragmatic exterior to the world. As the story progresses we are drawn further into sympathy with her even as we grow increasingly troubled by her distorted perspective on the world and the destructive choices she makes.

Download A Haunted House ; This unfolding narrative is interwoven with a contemporary story that has Lila at the centre. Soon after her father's death Lila finds herself the recipient of a strange anonymous gift: an isolated cottage by a lake. Traumatised by a miscarriage she decides to take a break from London and renovate the place even though she's spooked by its unsettling atmosphere. It's the same house that the five friends lived in back in 1980 of course and the chapters alternate between Lila's and Kat's point of view revealing further aspects of what happened there to make it feel so haunted and giving more clues to the connections between the past and the present.
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