Touble-edged sword of the intelligent TV of Lenovo

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Touble-edged sword of the intelligent TV of Lenovo

Postby crisjack979 » Sun May 13, 2012 4:35 am

Located in Beijing CBD international trade exhibition hall, lenovo held a brand new, experience, immersed type, interactive conference, the leading role of the activity is intelligent TV. The related of intelligent TV, means the set sail of lenovo PC + comprehensive strategy.


Lenovo's goal is the world's first, and its internal target is to reach in this fiscal year. Through the issued new intelligent TV, lenovo is regaining the strength of the first goal, but intelligent TV is a new field, it can follow the speed of the PC? That is the question.

Lenovo group chairman and CEO Mr Yang said, icluding the previous PC, smartphone and tablet computer, intelligent TV is the final piece of the puzzle of lenovo in mobile Internet market.

Mr Yang set intelligence TV as the detonation point of PC + era. He thinks that, today's intelligence TV market more and more like PC market, both are typical process of passing the information "input, processing, output " personal computing ".

Communication with Lenovo China President Chen, he also mentioned, lenovo had developped many generation products, the first generation hd player + network video; The second generation network application + enhanced keyboard input; The third generation is Q series of computer, with remote control device; Now TV industry is more and more like PC, someone do hardware, someone do OS, someone do CPU, someone do applications. Now is outbreaks of intelligent TV.

Lenovo proposed "the personal cloud" and "family cloud" strategy last year, do reserves for four screen (PC, smart phones, tablet computer and intelligent TV) overall layout.

The prospect of Mobile Internet including intelligent TV is very good. In 2010, smart phones had accounted for 19% of the global mobile phone market share, by 2015, the ratio will rise quickly to 50% (data sources: Gartner); In 2012, intelligent TV will have huge growth, global shipments increased by more than 150%, the market share will continue to grown rapidly, by 2015, it will account for more than half of share (data sources: Boston consulting).

Tablet computer and Ultrabook will also be also be the main force to pull themarket growth, it is estimated that by 2015, the sales of tablet computer and Ultrabook will occupy more than half of the global PC market, reached 57% (data sources: Gartner, iSuppli).

From the strategic and decision speed, Lenovo go fastest in all PC manufacturers, apparently for PC manufacturers, intelligent TV is a "new" field or they think an opportunity of development.

Intelligent TV now hot, but can lenovo success? Or what problems exist? We ry to analyze:

Many giant follow: Intel and AMD put power in mobile and ultra thin market, Microsoft Windows 8 and Google Android 4.0, etc are involved in more fields and qualcomm also increase movements in DaBing market, and some carriers, content providers have layout actively.

PC advantages is double-edged sword: Lenovo PC is the success stories that's true, but the experience of the PC for intelligence television is a double-edged sword. Lenovo in PC, copy the Chinese experience, but intelligent TV there is no experience can be replicated, can rely on itselt. But lenovo mobile has put forward Internet strategy for a few years and the development momentum of smartphones and tablet computer is still good. Now lenovo smartphone in the domestic market share in double figures, tablet PC market share of more than 20%, global tablet computer market ranked from seventh to fourth place.

Opportunities are always exist, apple iPhone and iPad have not unify the whole country, the iTV also can't do in the future.

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