The advantages of CWDM technology

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The advantages of CWDM technology

Postby sibyl » Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:47 am

CWDM(CoarseWavelengthDivisionMultiplexing)system is also called Sparse WDM systems. It is a kind of low cost WDM transmission technology. As the principle, CWDM is using the recovery in CWDM will different wavelengths of light signals to reuse single fiber transmission. At the receiving end of the link, via photolysis multiplex mixed signal decomposition of the fiber optical for different wavelengths of signal, connected to the corresponding receiving equipment

The most important advantages of CWDM is the low capital equipment. With low-cost and low consumption and small compact, it is widely used in metro aggregation and access layer to do transmission on a short time. In addition, CWDM also can reduce the network operation cost. CWDM can use 220V ac power because of the fowolling reasons: small volume, low power consumption, convenient maintenance, power supply convenient. Because of its small number wavelength, so the card for small quantity. G.652, G.653, G.655 both can be use When using 8 wave CWDM equipment, can use the existing cable.

Advantage 1
CWDM systems can make high optical fiber transmission capacity, improve the utilization of the resources of optical fiber.

Advantage 2
Another advantage of CWDM is small volume, low power consumption.

Advantage 3
Compare with the tranditional TDM, CWDM has better rate and agreement transparency.

Advantage 4
CWDM has the very good flexibility and expansibility.

Advantage 5
The use of CWDM system can improve business quality

CWDM system was highly valued by the industry due to the above advantages. In the while, it is be widely used of Telecommunications, broadcasting and TV, enterprise nets, campus network and other field. But there is also some disadvantages, such as less light channel, function of equipment are not perfect and so on. With the development of technology and the expansion of the market, located in intracity networks connect into layer optics CWDM technology can have a good application prospect.

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