silk top lace wigs

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silk top lace wigs

Postby zelo205 » Fri May 17, 2013 4:51 am

1. With a silk top lace wigs special comb will wig comb paramagnetic;
2. The wig into cold water bubble 5-10 minutes. Time is too long, hair easy to fall off,
3. Wash, cannot use the washing machine.
4. Choose epoxy resin shampoo, avoid by all means the rubbing force, with the hand gently grab a catch hair can;
5. Clean with clear water shots;
6. Use dry towel wig will be the water on the blot, must not use hand to twist or washing machine jilt dry;
7. Nature airing, avoid by all means is dry;
8. To wig dry to ninety percent, with the hand gently grab a catch hair, reoccupy wig special comb will wig comb paramagnetic;
9. For washing silk top lace wigs, if you don't always need to wear, still should spray a little eruption oil;
10. Stay wig completely dry, with hair net will be washed wig set of good, load permeability good can seal plastic bags, if no such bag, also can place it in the ordinary plastic bags, bag with the needle will wear a few holes;
11. Washed wig should be kept in dry places save.
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