Re: Converting Android Project into .jar File and adding it

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Re: Converting Android Project into .jar File and adding it

Postby krishjlk » Tue Jun 07, 2011 11:05 am

To convert Android Project into .jar File

--> Right Click on Project --> Export ---> Java --> JarFile

--> Window will appear Select Resources to Export

--> ---> Select only the src checkbox ie the (pacakages) in Top-Left Window
---> Don't Select anything in Top-Right Window if some thing is selected
remove the tick mark

---> Select only the first Checkbox in the middle left window ie
Export generates Class Files and Resources

---> Select the Export Destination ie the path where u want to save ur jar file

---> In Options Select only
Compress the contents of the jar file

---> Click Finish u will find ur jar file

---> Now u have to add the jar file
It is very simple

---> Right click on project

--> Select Properties --> Java Build Path ---> libraries --> Add External Jar Files -->

Click OK

Now just Build your project U WILL find the jar file

Note : this procedure is for those who use Eclipse ide

---> THANKS FOR Reading
---> J.L.Krishna kanth
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