Practice Mindfulness everyday to have a stress free life

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Practice Mindfulness everyday to have a stress free life

Postby josefalbers » Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:55 am

Hello Friends,
A stress free life is the important key to have a long life. Today, stress is the major problem of many people, a hectic lifestyle, frustrating home life and unhealthy foods are making life miserable. Even, if you look around then you can realize it that there not only some specified genre but all who are employed or students facing same kind of trouble in their day-to-day life. So friend like all, if your life is full of stress and you are mentally abused then it is very important that you should go for mindfulness-based therapy to get rid from your problems.

So now the question is - what mindfulness really is? Well, it is nothing but non-judge mental awareness. Well it means putting your mind on something holding your attitude of acceptance towards whatever arises. Well, typically it involves observing and accepting thoughts or say, emotions as they arise rather than reacting to them. Well, often it has observed that the cause of distress lies in our response to a situation, which then makes things even worse as result we resist, and struggle with ourselves and get angry with ourselves for feeling anxious and feel ashamed, frustrated. Hence, the mindfulness is certainly the way by which we can not only reduce our struggle with our situation and emotions but also can find a mute button for our incessant internal chatter.
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