PC browser give up the idea of 'channels is the king' can ge

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PC browser give up the idea of 'channels is the king' can ge

Postby jamesbullin146 » Wed Jun 13, 2012 7:05 am

In global browser market, IE still accounts for more than half of the share, followed by firefox, chrome, safari, opera, the five big browser products occupy the major global market. According to the promotion way of the five browser, can probably divided into two kinds: one kind is bound by system development, including IE, safari; Another kind is fast develop rely on technology and features, including firefox, chrome, opera;

In May 2012, data, IE browser market share is still as high as 54%, safari fourth in the list. Many people think that IE huge volume, slow, consume memory, and is not a good browser, but IE on Windows system bound strategy kill netscape, has held the PC the browser market dominance. Also, safari rely on hot sell of Mac PC, its share has also been very stable.

This fully explain bound strategy is the the best way for browser to gain market share. Meanwhile, a large number of users won't easily change browsers, and once established browsing habits, more can not be easily replaced. Firefox, chrome, opera, however, these three independent kernel browser products got very good share with its own technical strength, chrome global market share over 18.9%, even once super firefox.

Chrome PC browser is the best case through own technology to get fast development, and the biggest characteristic is concise and fast. If we carefully analysis the core requirements of the browser user, you will find that concise and quick open web is the common demand of all users. But in view of the chrome webkit kernel is still can't completely analysis part of the web page, so chrome users are the high-end user groups who know some of the computer.

Preemptive channel is just temporary, and only products is good can have the long run. The most simple example, the rapid growth of chrome did not depend onthe bound strategy, the hot sell of iPhone does not actively looking for operators, vendors for cooperation. Grasp the core requirements of browser, real realize simple and fast, and increase web compatible ability, naturely can get users.

To do this in fact is not simple, has very harsh conditions. First, must be no money pressure, can not tied too much business for the pursuit of profit, let the browser bloating, sacrifice its core performance; Second, must have a powerful technical accumulation and engineers culture, for PC browser, it still focus on the final technology research and development ability.

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