My son is Your Baby Can Read’s fan

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My son is Your Baby Can Read’s fan

Postby nicyling » Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:48 am

My mother-in-law bought this DVD for my son to use his house while she was watching him when I am at work. He bought when she was 8 months and is now 14 months and enjoys watching Your Baby Can Read. Dancing and interacting with these DVDs and let us interact. He says the row row row, to 14 months. He also says, dog, duck, cat, meow, and Woof Woof. When the songs are, he gets up to row his boat, head shoulders knees and toes, touch your head, shoulders, knees and toes. I have seen other kids his age, and are not as advanced as he is. Also, when you see the words that are in the show, like the clap word that strikes! I highly recommend this show to all parents who want to get a jump start for the education of their children. Teachers and helpers were so delighted to discover his reading skills they informally tested him and knew he was at a reading level at second reading + grade. OT had a kick when my son reads his business card and called him a “therapist occupahtional.” Even my son is behind in several areas, has the ability to read give it a real leg at least in one area . I do not think we would have made as much progress without the help of these DVDs. Among the thousands of dollars we’ve spent in therapy, this serieswas the best investment I ever made!
Buffy DVD 1-7
Curb Your Enthusiasm DVD 1-7
Your Baby Can Read DVD
Sex and the City DVD 1-6
The Tribe DVD 1-5
True Blood DVD 1-3
House MD DVD 1-6
Scrubs DVD 1-9
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