mkMob - Mobile Advertising Network

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mkMob - Mobile Advertising Network

Postby mkmob » Mon Jan 02, 2012 3:32 am


mkMob is a powerful, yet simple to use self-serve mobile advertising platform. mkMob has tools that makes it extremely easy to generate and deliver location-based ads throughout the mobile ecosystem.

mkMob is a global mobile advertising network based in the Caribbean, but focused on monetizing all mobile content, of their partners, irrespective of geographical location. mkMob was designed with simplicity in mind. All their tools and services are easy to use. Their simple, yet powerful self-serve service, makes it overly easy to generate and deliver location-based ad copies around the globe.

What are they providing?
-mkMob is focused on providing compelling value in the mobile advertising arena.
These include:
-Return on investment(ROI) for their advertisers.
-Meaningful revenues to their mobile publishers.
-Higher eCPM & Fill Rate.
-220+ Global Country Reach.

Why should I choose mkMob?
For Advertisers:
Advertisers who sign up with mkMob will be able to take advantage of the below-listed features that mkMob offers:
-Easy to use self-serve service.
-Target customers geographically, by keywords, manufacturers, devices, operating systems and mobile carriers/network operators.
-Set daily spending limits.
-Custom frequency capping.
-Worldwide publishing of your ad on the top mobile sites/apps.
-Cost Per Click(CPC) Advertising.
-Cost Per Mille(CPM) Advertising.
-Set daily impression and click limits.
-Schedule your campaigns to run within a specific time-frame.
-Create multiple ad types, text and banner ads.
-Comprehensive campaign management services for better ROI at no extra cost.

For Publishers / Developers:
Publishers / Developers who sign up with mkMob will be able to take advantage of the below-listed features that mkMob offers:
-Easy to use self-serve service.
-Monetize your mobile traffic and earn revenue from it.
-Transfer your earnings to advertise with mkMob and grow your business.
-Ability to filter certain ads within your app/site.
-Choose between text or banner ads.
-Grade A reporting/statistics.

Additionally, as a mobile site owner or app developer, publishing ads on your site/apps with mkMob will not only be granted access to an easy-to-use platform but also to the advance ad tracking service offered there. There is also real-time statistics display, in the most suitable format.

Their Mission:
-To be one of the top 3 mobile ad networks globally.
-To deliver tangible value to all of their stakeholders, customers, employees, investors and partners.
-To conduct themselves with the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards.

mkMob, Advance through Mobile
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Re: mkMob - Mobile Advertising Network

Postby mrtech » Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:25 pm

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