How to make best use of Twitter!!!

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How to make best use of Twitter!!!

Postby mcloren » Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:42 am

Any Network Marketer who uses Twitter knows that it is a powerful way to connect with other "tweeters"

So exactly how is it possible to capture the fraction of the 30 million (and growing) tweeters who are potential prospects? How can you get followers who actually read your tweets, click your links and even retweet (RT) your tweets for you?

1. Get followers from outside of Twitter - talk to people on other social networks you may be on e.g. Facebook, and get them to connect with you on there. If you already have prospects on a different social network and you want to get to know them better, then get tweeting right away!

2. Send Direct Messages (DMs) to new followers - this is a fantastic way to welcome new followers. When sending a DM, just make sure to thank them for following you and let them know that you want to connect with them on Twitter. Basically write what you want - but NEVER post a link or any promotion. A blog link is acceptable but unlikely to get a big response, so there's not much point.

3. Connect with your new followers by sending @ replies - you can build relationships this way - just ask them how they are, what they are into etc. and just try and connect with them. Keep in contact with them - they might even reply to you after you send a DM.

4. Only link to your personal blog (if applicable) and put up a personal background - by doing this, you will make your profile look more professional and make you stand out from all the marketing clutter on Twitter.

To summarize, Twitter is a great marketing tool. Just make sure to lead with value, connect with other tweeters and avoid anything to do with Twitter spammers, bots and automated programs
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