How to Gain a Micro Film through PowerPoint

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How to Gain a Micro Film through PowerPoint

Postby gary6540 » Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:47 am

Lately the network technology grows hugely quickly, more and more persons contact with each other via the Internet. It is not so painful to fully understand. You know today the various models of mobile phones and tablets like iPad, iPhone, Galaxy S3 mini are full of our life. These electronic products not only enables people to discuss with each other but also allows them to send messages, take photos, record videos. Through them people could incredibly easily present their regular life with their buddies and family members in all places and on every occasion. They are completely enjoying themselves.

Thus we can come across that humans at this time is thrilled to present their life with other people due to the fact it is one of the crucial forms of interaction. They incredibly want to present movies recording their every day life on the video sharing sites . However , generally it is completely tricky for people to display such thing as PowerPoint on the online video site with other people. It is sincerely frustrating. Irrespective of the issues I constantly believe that there is a solution at the rear of each issue. It is definitely right. I find the remedy and it is my happiness to inform all of you.

We understand that the online video site enables us to uncover varied kinds of movies apart from PowerPoint. Despite the fact that we can uncover PowerPoint on other web sites but in that condition less people have the opportunities to reach it. Then to get it possible for us to uncover PowerPoint on video sharing site, we can potentiallyproduce a micro film from PowerPoint. If so there will be further more people can reach it.

To make a micro film from PowerPoint, you should download a PowerPoint to movie converter and install it on the computer. After that there are three steps to carry out the conversion.
Step 1 Add a local PowerPoint

Click the "Add" button to import a local PowerPoint and shortly you will discover the following picture. If you attempt to clear the PowerPoint, you merely click on theClear" button or right click and pick the "Clear" option.
Step 2 Opt for output format
Mouse click "profile" and opt an output format in the drop-down list. Here I pick out "FLV-FLASH H.264 Video Format" . Mouse click "Settings" I can also set other parameters for instance "Video Size" , "Quality" , "Bit Rate" etc.
Step 3 Start off converting
As soon as all of the parameters have been set, simply click the "Start"button to start converting. And after conversion your micro video is created and you could certainly share it on numerous online video sites.
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Re: How to Gain a Micro Film through PowerPoint

Postby alves89 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:47 am

Great, I think we need good article like this. Thanks alot
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