How to Embed YouTube Video into Keynote Presentations

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How to Embed YouTube Video into Keynote Presentations

Postby August2011 » Tue May 29, 2012 9:28 am


Found a valuable video on YouTube that is perfect for your Keynote presentation and would like to embed it into the Keynote other than creating a hyperlink for it?

If we just creating a hyperlink of the video to the Keynote, the speakers will have to quit from Keynote and use the web browser to play the relevant video, which would of cause interrupt the flow of the presentations and sadly for one speaker it was a total distraction as the Wi-Fi hotspot he was using couldn’t actually stream fast enough for the video to play at all.

In this article, we’ll show you how to embed a YouTube video into Keynote presentations so that we can play YouTube video in Keynote anywhere even without internet connection.

Keynote Compatible Video Formats:

QuickTime MP4, MOV, M4V video formats (including MPEG-2 and DV)

Step 1: Download and Convert YouTube Video to Keynote Compatible Video Formats

Mac users have to first download YouTube videos before inserting into a Keynote presentation. This is easier with Free YouTube Downloader software like Enolsoft Free YouTube Downloader for Mac or free online sites like already contains the function to convert YouTube videos which is under 100MB to some video formats like MOV, MP4, and 3GP etc. An Email address is required to receive the converted files, if you only need to convert or download videos under 100MB and doesn’t care about leaking out your email address, might be the best choice for you to download and Convert YouTube videos to Keynote formats.


For alternative, you can also convert the downloaded YouTube videos to Keynote compatible video format with professional Mac Video Converter software, which always performance much better than free online sites and most of all, these Mac video converter software usually contain some simple video editing features (Crop, Trim, Watermark, Effect etc.) for you to edit your downloaded YouTube videos before inserting to Keynote.


Another all-in-one solution to download and convert YouTube videos to Keynote is called: YouTube Converter for Mac. The YouTube Converter for Mac software contains the function to both download and convert YouTube videos to the formats you need for inserting to Keynote, as well as for playback YouTube videos offline on any popular portable devices.


Step 2: Embed Downloaded YouTube Video into Keynote

1): Embed downloaded YouTube Video into Keynote (Mac Version)

You can now drag the converted YouTube video file directly into Keynote or use SHIFT + CMD + V to place via the insert method. Like any other media asset you can use Keynote’s inspector panel to add a border, shadow and even a reflection.


2): Embed downloaded YouTube Video into iPad/iPhone Keynote (iOS Version)

Before you can add the download YouTube videos into iPad/iPhone Keynote, you must first make them available on your iOS device by syncing with iTunes. Once you’ve synced the downloaded YouTube videos to your iPad/iPhone, follow these steps to add a video to a Keynote slide:

1.Tap the Media window icon at the top-right of the display in Keynote for iOS.
2.When the Photo Albums page opens, tap Media.
3.Tap the photo album that contains your video.
4.Tap the video thumbnail you want.
5.Tap Use. The video and its audio track will play automatically when the slide is played by tapping the play icon.


Keynote offers some really nice advanced video control features from within the Inspector. Click on the Quicktime logo on the top right on the Inspector panel, you can change the poster image (i.e. the image that appears before the video plays) and you can also adjust the start and stop markers.

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