How to Convert AVI to Apple TV on Mac

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How to Convert AVI to Apple TV on Mac

Postby cafay » Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:25 am

How to Convert AVI to Apple TV on Mac

Why should you convert AVI to Apple TV?

AVI, short for Audio Video Interleave, is a video format that widely used online. Always, you can get a lot of video in AVI format by downloading on Internet or sharing with your friends. But sometimes it’s really a problem for Apple users for it’s not supported by Apple TV. Are they any ways to enjoy AVI videos on Apple TV? The answer is absolutely YES, you just need to convert it to the Apple TV compatible format like M4V.

Thanks for the AVI to Apple TV Converter for Mac, so you can easy finish the conversion. And the converted output files are in high quality. Edit original files also allowed by this powerful tool.

How to convert AVI to Apple TV on Mac?

This is a guide for Mac users. If you are a Windows user, you can go to the Video Converter guide and follow the steps of converting on Windows.

Step1 Free download the converter

Download the program and run it directly. It’s really an easy –to-use and user-friendly converter. Step2 Import the AVI files to prepare the AVI to Apple TV conversion.

To add the files to the program, you can find the files in your library and drag them to the converter directly. Or you can find the File option on the Menu and choose the Add Video Files under the list of Import.

Step3 Select Apple TV as the output format

To make the conversion convenient, this converter also you set the output format by you devices and the converter will show you the most compatible format with your devices. Click the “output setting” icon and then you can find the Apple TV under the name of Apple Devices. Or you can set the format as M4V under the list of Common Video.

Step4 Trim the part you want from the AVI video

Usually, you just need a part of the original video, and then you can drag the scrollbar to the Start Time and End Time of the part. Or you can input the correct time. Be sure the scissor icon is on!

Step5 Start the AVI to Apple TV conversion

At last, you just need to hit the Start icon to get the video files. Tips for converting AVI to Apple TV on Mac:

1 You Mac OS’ version must be at least 10.5.

2 You can see the estimated size on the main screen of the program.

Try to download and convert AVI to Apple TV now? Or get more functions and features of the Video Converter for Mac:

Or try to convert on Windows OS?

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