Giveaway of the Day for Leawo iTransfer, iTunes Alternative

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Giveaway of the Day for Leawo iTransfer, iTunes Alternative

Postby gary6540 » Fri Nov 09, 2012 4:32 am

Shenzhen, China, November 8th, 2012– Leawo Software Co., Ltd., a professional multimedia software company aiming to provide state-of-art software solution for iOS devices, has in recent days revealed that the accurate date and content of its One Day Giveaway Plan. As a project of the cooperation between Leawo Software and, One Day Giveaway Plan will not only provide users Leawo iTransfer, the best alternative to iTunes, for free on November 12th, but also offer users powerful converters with up to 60% discounts.
After the ending of previous 2012 Halloween Giveaway of Leawo iTransfer, Leawo Software has received many letters from users. There are letters from users complimenting Leawo iTransfer, the best alternative to iTunes, letters from users who expresses their regrets for missing the wonderful opportunity and even users inquiring the date of the next giveaway plan of Leawo iTransfer. In an attempt to show appreciation to all customers who have been supportive to Leawo Software all the time, the company is planning to release One Day Giveaway Plan on November 12, 2012 where users can pick up free and inexperience converters.
How to Get Involved in One Day Giveaway of Leawo iTransfer?
All the benefits provided by One Day Giveaway Plan are listed on the homepage of the activity. Users can only get the promised benefits via corresponding links on this page. For example, the only way for users to get discounted converters provided in the giveaway plan is to click “Purchased” button listed on this page.
What can users do with Leawo iTransfer?
Designed as the best alternative to iTunes, Leawo iTransfer can also manage data transference between iOS devices and computer in a way even better than that of iTunes. Besides that, Leawo iTransfer also allows users to manage date transference among iOS devices like photo transference from iPod to iPod. The files supported by Leawo iTransfer are divided into six categories naming apps, photos, movies, music, TV shows, ringtones and books.
When and How to get Leawo iTransfer for free?
According to the One Day Giveaway Plan, free registration code for Leawo iTransfer will be sent from November 12, 2012 to November 12, 2012. In exchange of free registration, participants must provide their private information including their names and email addresses. Then the free registration code will be sent to the mailbox. It may show up as either inbox mail or spam mail. One thing to notice is that users must activate the registration code before November 12, 2012.
What else are provided in One Day Giveaway Plan?
Besides free software like Leawo iTrasnfer, One Day Giveaway Plan also offers inexpensive converters. Those converters are available starting from November 12, 2012 to November 22, 2012. They are offered with discount ranging from 30% to 60%.
30% off: Designed as a timeline-based editor, Leawo Video Editor enables users to edit various multimedia files including camera video, digital video, audio and photos. In the One Day Giveaway Plan, the powerful tool is available in a lower price.
50% off: Leawo Bluray Ripepr can help users to converter Bluray discs to digital videos for popular portable devices like iPhone 5 and iPad mini at ease. In the giveaway plan, users can enjoy the powerful Bluray converter with half price.
50% off: Leawo PowerPoint to Video Pro provides perfect solution to play PowerPoint files on portable devices like Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7. According to One Day Giveaway Plan, the PowerPoint converter will be available with 50% discounts.
60% off: With Leawo Video Converter Pro, users can make their portable devices compatible to all videos files and DVD files. Offered with 60% offer in the giveaway plan, the video converter is far beyond inexperience.

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Re: Giveaway of the Day for Leawo iTransfer, iTunes Alternat

Postby congcong88 » Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:54 am

The good article always feels great to me. Thank you very much.
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