For HP, only stability is not enough

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For HP, only stability is not enough

Postby williamsmike573 » Wed May 23, 2012 3:08 am

Last week, HP "global science and technology influence summit" held in Shanghai, China, HP President and chief executive officer face more than 600 media and industry opinion leaders all over the world, leave a word: stability is of overriding importance!

He may tell common aspiration from the industry observers, but 8 years of time, HP had changed four CEO, fickle as the girls in love. Every CEO of HP is so distinctive style. Carly Fiorina pursuit of "big", she is the director of luxury mergers and acquisitions of HP and compaq, make HP the super "big MAC", but also because of the falling of enterprise profits and share price provoke criticism; Mark Hurd pursue "province", part to layoffs and cut r&d investment, HP's profits came up, but internal accuses his overdraft HP's future, the last of an accident "sexual harassment" events led his step down; Leo Apotheker pursue "change", a wish to take IBM for example to turn to high profit enterprise market, not long after take office, was anxious to sell HP's "family heirloom" PC business, the result was deposed in situ...... Now, office, already for eight months, Meg Whitman pursuit "stable", what she would do, is to let the unrest HP stable down.

No matter from which Angle, the former CEO Leo Apotheker peddle PC business decisions lost reckless, HP's global biggest PC business, and maintained a relatively stable profits. Leo Apotheker suddenly a "sell", make HP confused, market share sudden straight drop. After Whitman take office the first thing is announced that HP will reserve the PC business. In Shanghai, Whitman again firmly expressed his idea: HP business line is very long, including PC, printing, service, software and overall solutions, we will hold on to do hardware, and feeling proud and proud!

The grand "global science and technology influence summit", give a person feel more like the pledging conference of HP PC restarting.

In the past few quarters HP PC sales recession, can be blamed on the mess strategy. But now HP regrouped and want to keep the status of leader, have to show more motivated, from the new released products, HP still need to take effort.

Ultrabook is the first priority in PC market this year, and the Ultrabook HP released look like apple MacBook Air, and controversial ENVY Spectre, several other such as ENVY Ultrabook, EliteBook Folio 9470 m, are more than 18 mm thickness. You should know, 18 millimeter is Intel set for Ultrabook, whether can realize stable performance in this fine thin scale, is a test to manufacturer ability, apparently HP is a little oversight in this problem.

Whitman oath: "I will will pull HP to the summit of success in my tenure." She had take HP back to reasonable track, but problems in front of her still many, even the PC business, exceeds the Ultrabook, late tablet computer, and product design short of highlight, is alert from worth HP. It is thankfully to see HP with stable strategic, Andmore exciting to see HP with product innovation.

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