Download Oz The Great And Powerful

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Download Oz The Great And Powerful

Postby reynathelma » Wed May 08, 2013 10:39 am

Oz The Great And Powerful Download : A great idea, pulled off to just short of perfection. It’s a prequel, of sorts, to “The Wizard of Oz,” in which we’re introduced to the young Kansas sideshow huckster who ends up in the magic land of Oz, and will someday become that iconic “man behind the curtain” to whom we’re to pay no attention.

Watch Oz The Great And Powerful Movie : Oscar (James Franco), who goes by the nickname of Oz, ekes by, emotionally unfulfilled, as a magician at the traveling Baum Circus (the first of many Oz references). He’s a charming cad, who fools with people’s heads, takes their money, and if you’re a good-looking woman, he’s gonna chase your skirt.

Download Oz The Great And Powerful : But he has the urge to be a great man. That won’t happen soon; when his scam is revealed, the locals go after him, but he manages to skip town in a hot air balloon (second reference), one that heads smack into a swirling, howling tornado (third reference).ll of this drama is played out in black and white, with the picture in old-fashioned square format.When he lands, the picture widens to full screen, and everything is in color – bright color, with huge flowers and birds and butterflies. For a moment you feel like you’re in “Avatar’s” Pandora.

Download Oz The Great And Powerful Movie : Nope, you’re in Oz. He likes this information, first because it’s his name and second because it’s told to him by the beautiful Theodora upon whom he immediately attempts to put some moves. “You’ve been expected,” she says, while initially rebuffing him. You’re, she explains, the wizard who, according to a prophecy,is supposed to fall from the sky and save our people from the wicked witch.
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