Do you want to be a member of Windows developers?

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Do you want to be a member of Windows developers?

Postby billmalone891 » Fri Mar 30, 2012 2:56 am

Microsoft has tried to let the software developers create new products for Windows by various means, including apple's "First Apps contest" and Microsoft's own "Dev Center online resources." but now Microsoft has announced that developers can register 'Windows 8 Dev Camps'....... Unfortunately this Camps is not refers to river at night, eat barbecue camping, this Windows 8 Dev Camps is point to help software developers to prepare for the the big meal Windows 8 will be released later this year.

According to official Windows 8 application development blog, Neil Hutson from Microsoft said, "this is a free and big engineering, can let developers as you work together to learn more of the structure of the program. Camps let u listen tol more than 100 development projects from the globa through interactive learning, and advices from senior developers. Our Camps will fuzzy the concept of distance, let any one of us can all learn the infrastructure of open platform, design of the Metro interface, and Windows store. And senior developers can have different research direction, such as how to put applications into practice, or how to integrate Windows 8 contracts, etc."

Developers who interested in Windows 8 program can join Windows 8 Dev Camps, it has more development projects than 100 from global, Hutson said it is increasing every day.

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