About closed Apple

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About closed Apple

Postby jamesbrandly742 » Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:06 am

Apple failed in 80-90 s not because of the result of closed! See today, that time PC manufacturers go open system most are not good end, IBM sell PC business, Gateway not exit, Compaq not exit, HP and Dell struggling. compared to growth and profitability of Apple's Mac business compare today, can you say closed apple is a failure? See from the long history of 30 years, apple walk the route of closed to the last laugh.

The first generation of Macintosh not successful mainly because the product is too ahead, and the price is on the high side, and product positioning in education and family market, the market is limited, because at that time the major market of computer is in enterprise demand, not education and family needs, not find the market direction. Of course, Jobs or apple's genes now also is education and individual markets, in the enterprise market has not been very well, that is why the failure of Jobs make Next business: gene wrong.

After drove away Jobs still keep closed strategy, and after a long time holde apple continues to grow. After 90 s apple under the impact of Windows3.1 began to drop (lose in the products not as Windows, rather than closed problems), in 93 the board asked open MacOS operating system authorization, butSculley insist on closed, so fired by the board. 93-97 open authorized MacOS make apple quickly shifted to the edge of bankruptcy, to 97 after Jobs got power again closed MacOS, apple began to revive.

This period of history is very intriguing: closed apple is always strong, blind open will be ruined. So see in the 90 s of apple, apple decline not in closed, but in the product not rival Microsoft.

A saying is that apple should gave up hardware, authorized MacOS operating system, so that there is no the later Microsoft. In fact if apple want to try to compatible with all kinds of hardware, compromise all kinds of compatibility, no cooperate of software and hardware, the difficulty of developing operating system will be index level rise, MacOS operating system will never better than the contemporary of Windows. In fact Microsoft also r&d Window in the early 80 sin secret, why make 10 years to success?

In the 80 s hardware so limited conditions, if not Mac software hardware engineer close coordination, MacOS this graphics operation system can not appear in that generation of hardware.

Apple's prosperity and decline history no relation to closed or not closed, mainly lies in the competitiveness of their products, if when apple products software and hardware are less than a competitor, that is really to stink.

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Re: About closed Apple

Postby kevin88 » Sat Jun 23, 2012 4:00 am

Thank you for sharing this article.
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