5 Ways to Double Your Daily Backlinks

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5 Ways to Double Your Daily Backlinks

Postby craig88 » Mon Mar 04, 2013 3:28 am

​1. Fiverr - Hire someone on fiverr to build links for you, preferable manual links. All you have to do is search in their search box for "manual backlinks" and you'll find a huge list of people. Just to warn you most people on fiverrr only offer building manual profile links. So be sure to ask the seller what type of links are they before purchasing. I bought a gig from someone with out knowing that and got a bunch of un-unwanted links.

2. Emails - Anytime you email someone who you think might be interested in your site leave a little signature link at the bottom. If you have a list you definitely should be doing that. "Easy click throughs"

3. Tumblr - This site is amazing for building links and traffic, I use it every day. What you do is make a page about something that people really like in your niche and that you can easily get photos of. Post at least one photo a day, leave anchor link under the photo and you will be set. Also make shore you share photos from other user pages as well, when you start getting followers they will like that.

4. Pinterest - To me Pinterest isn't really a good site to make money on but just like Tumblr it's great for link building. Share a photo about something in your niche and you can have it link to one of your pages. This not only get's you more links but targeted traffic as well.

5. Reddit - Easy place just to drop a link then go away. But Reddit is actually a community of people, which to me is pretty odd. The site is only formatted for people to place a link or a comment about about something. For some reason reddit has become a site that people go to daily, so that they can check news or see what is trending. So to get the best out Reddit go around and leaves a few comments on other people's post before you star leaving lots links. And make sure all your links aren't to the same site.

Thanks for reading, and again I hope this helps.
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Re: 5 Ways to Double Your Daily Backlinks

Postby Evelyndiaz99 » Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:01 pm

What a unusual place to read a SEO topic. But I shouldn't be surprise since this is a off topic thread! haha
cool strategy! but penguin will penalize this one
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