Very Basic but Impressively Slow

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Very Basic but Impressively Slow

Postby TLBR » Thu Feb 05, 2009 1:08 pm

Hey Everyone,

Right, I hope this request is appropriate - I have looked through to see if something similar is there but failed.

I have written a tiny little book & I think it would be perfect to use on the Android platform. Wont go into it because this isnt an add for the book but it is like social philosophy for a new generation! -

Anyway, as I wrote the book I figured I should have a go at creating the App ... then I got really confused and my head started hurting.

I expect however that the whole thing is very simple so I'm hoping for some advice... if I then manage to somehow put it together I'll give you all a special mention in the edition!

At the moment it is a 32 page A7 (around about screen size) PDF.

All I want is an initial menu page then the ability to flick through the different pages or directly press to a chapter through the contents page. Finally, below or above each page I want there to be a link which will direct the user to an official forum specifically for that chapter or the book as a whole.

Later on I would like to build more functionality to try and incorporate the dicussion topics on the pages (overlay little bubbles for topics on the page itself etc.) but that is far far beyond me at the moment.

To see what I am waffling on about there is a sample of the book here - and the site has more info on the book itself.

Again, I hope this is appropriate for her & hopeufully someone will take pity on me and show me how its done!!


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Sample copy of the book
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