Tutorial request for complex timer with audio.

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Tutorial request for complex timer with audio.

Postby boomer2 » Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:28 pm

What I am tryin to create is a timer that counts up from 00:00 (minutes:seconds) no need for hours. I need it to play an audio clip at a specified time that is pre-defined, and numerous times throughout the timer, with different audio clips. I also want around 8-10 different "categories", the difference in these categories would be the time that the audio is played at and the audio files themselves. I would like it to be simple enough as opening the app, selecting a category from a scroll window and then pressing start. To better explain here is an example:

I select categroy 1, press start. At minute 02:00 it plays audio file "1", at 02:45 it plays audio file "2", at 03:00 it plays audio file "3", from there on the times just double for each specified audio clip, so "1" would be again at 04:00, 06:00... same for the other audio intervals and clips.

I have very basic knowledge of the code, but am very literate when reading it and am beginning to learn and understand more of it. I am constantly studying more code everyday trying to develop my skills. Any help is greatly appreciated and anybody that contributes will be listed in the app under a "thanks" or "credits" window, which would also need to be created in the scroll window.
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