{Top Quality} Watch Monsters University (2013) Free Online

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{Top Quality} Watch Monsters University (2013) Free Online

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#1{Putlocker/Megashare/Novamov} Watch Monsters University (2013) Full Streaming Free in 720p/1080p. In 2001 Pixar premiered "Monsters Inc " , presenting the adventures of Mike and Sulley , two employees of the company that is dedicated to collecting screams in order to supply electricity to the city . This film , though not my favorite Pixar if it was a film that I really liked and the end left me with a slight expectation of a continuation . Years later confirmed was a prequel about Mike and Sulley stories , just as the friends begin their adventures in " Monsters University " . "Monsters University" tells us how was the friendship between these two friends since college , at the beginning very conflicted , but was gradually solidifying through all the experiences they shared.

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It's a very funny movie , maybe a little off tone "serious" of some of the best films that Pixar has given us , and even lighter than its predecessor. Like most of the footage takes place in the university, we observe many traditional college environment situations , of course adapted to the life of the monsters , which similarly leaves no much difference in the end after all. In this part , addresses the issue of the marginalized , the divisions in the schools , where necessary the most coveted is the scares.

Mike Wazowski , who practically proclaims the protagonist of the film, we watch a young child when a school visit take them to visit the factories of Monsters Inc. , where he fled to one of the gates to the terror of his teacher and his classmates . From that moment , Mike is pleased with the work of the frightening and aims to become one . In college, Mike has to face various problems , most caused by their "physical" , that makes it look quite vulnerable and fragile , especially for that work so hard to scare . Then comes Sulley , with an imposing physique , son of a famous monster , that although you have what it takes to be a big scary , lacks technique and evaluate the different scenarios they may face when crossing any of the doors , hiding behind children with different characteristics.

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