Running GUI Threads + Handlers

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Running GUI Threads + Handlers

Postby Skripi » Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:00 pm

Hey guys,
I was wondering if there are any books/tutorials around on understanding how threads work in regards to surface views and updating a game GUI (a little like they do in the Google example JetBoy), as I would like to learn how to implement it for updating a game GUI. I had a look at the PizzaTimer, but it didn't explain enough about how the threads work, and was quite specific to the example.

Any information or resources regarding how to use threads/handlers/surface views for updating and creating a gui would be awesome :)

Thanks guys.

PS: Specific information about what I'm trying to do:
Essentially just make a card game where you can click and drag cards around the screen, while being able to 'navigate' through menu's by updating the gui by clicking on gui created buttons (I know you can use a Button View, but I'm trying to do it via a GUI)
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